This has quickly become a new hobby, taking the places I’ve been and making a list on here.

Really must tip my hat to the dev team here. You guys legit have made the first app people didn’t know they needed till they find it.

If you have time, I would ask for discussion on a few integration points that immediately sprung to mind. In the forefront, whereby the safety and accountability features that this could be embedded in.
Perhaps a small device for those like me that enjoy hiking, backcountry exploration, and keeping track of the route traveled. For me, this is a legendary solution to something I really do enjoy!

Everything about this gives me brain fizz and I don’t want to step on any toes, so before I go and geek out doing something cool for me, perhaps you’d hear me out and diversify into another revenue stream?

Not lookin for money, I walk a different path, simple credit for “hey that guy had the idea” and maybe a prototype of things coming out is sufficient. Like I said, the function is what’s worth it to me, and I’m appreciative of your efforts immensely.

Thanks for reading!