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It’s Team week at ///filled.count.soap 🎉🎄

This once-a-year event sees our colleagues from all over the world come together at the London headquarters for a week of exciting activities, talks and workshops 🙌

👀 Keep an eye on our socials this week to see how it goes 👋
Provide location share options ASAP Like in Google maps
Just had great day selling 'Beautiful Didsbury' calendars. One huge point of interest was the w3w location on each of the photos, enabling people to visit the exact spot from where I took the shot. Whenever I mentioned w3w it seemed to trigger their imagination and added a new dimension to the calendar. This often lead to other uses of w3w that people new of, anyway it lead to a cracking day at the market.
I've a few more Christmas markets coming up any publicity material you could send would be most useful. Cheers Bill.
The Shard, the UK's tallest building, has added what3words addresses to each of its (many) entrances 💪 🏙