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It’s #KnowExactlyWhere week 🙌 As emergency services prepare for an exceptionally busy summer they are calling for people to familiarise themselves with what3words in a bid to stay safe and support local authorities in a simple way 🤝 Outdoor activities are ramping up, and with 85% of UK Emergency Services now using what3words, the awareness week is an initiative to encourage people to download and use what3words as they venture out into coasts, forests and unfamiliar areas this summer 🚶‍♀️🥾 Check our socials this week for partner posts and discover how our tech is applied in a variety of life... (More)

Hi Tom, I believe every single 3x3m square globally is covered. Land and Sea. 

Benoit Prunierwhat3words
Senior Social Marketing Manager
Do you live in the UK, struggle to get deliveries to your address & would like a free meal? If so comment below, or email me at, as we are planning an experiment and need 20 volunteers!
Introducing some of the partners we welcomed in July 👋 -Intents Go now lets users input and share what3words addresses in their navigation app. -MyLifePlanner helps people with dementia or memory loss get through their day to day tasks. They can now easily share their exact what3words location with chosen contacts. -Pindrop is a personal mapping app that enables users to save what3words addresses of memorable locations. -The Lifeguard app displays what3words locations alongside GPS coordinates and local emergency phone numbers for users in need. -Re-flow, a mobile workforce management software has integrated what3words for smoother operation. Explore the lates... (More)