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Looking for feedback for this game I will be introducing for my local town Richmond Hill's (150th) Sesquicentennial. It's a treasure hunt using W3W as clues. The treasure must be found within the city map. Launching soon.
Idea for an ad... Santa uses what3words on the nice list, next to the childrens names.. "put your 'what3words' on your letter to Santa... making sure he gets your delivery right first time"
I'd like an option to 'buy' a 3m square.. like the one outside my front door and have a bespoke 3 words (would still need to be unique globally) that I could use instead of the default ones... it would need to be like a permanently switched on 'language' and a payment acknowledgement would tell me what update version (for offline devices) it would be visible on. selection, 3-word check and payment(paypal?) could all be online and generate a significant revenue stream for W3W, given the approximate 2.2 billion homes there are in the world... (More)