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Spread the word
Spread the word

Here we'll post ideas and materials for spreading awareness of what3words to  your friends, family, colleagues and the wider world!

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We use to support our publications on SteemBlockchain. In return for our work, we are rewarded with crypto initiated on the network.

Thank you w3w for making it easy for us to share our location with our readers.

Catch what3words on the website 🤜

Having seen our logistics and mobility partners use our tech in different and innovative ways for smoother operations, it’s great to see what3words mentioned on the official UK government website to make traffic management easier  🙌

It’s so exciting to see our community come up with creative and resourceful ways to merge what3words into their craft ✨

Whether you choose a simple what3words keychain, an engraved ring 💍 or even a classic personalised leather journal 📖 there’s a host of fresh ways you can commemorate special locations and support a local business and fellow what3words fan along the way 💪

Check out our refreshed makers page for all things what3words:
With the recent announcements of some key partners like the LAFD and Mapbox, it's great to see momentum in the US picking up 💪🇺🇸

Check out Chris’s interview with ABC news 👏