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Latest news

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App Update 🚀

As the shared lists feature has been one of our most popular ones, we've made it easier to share your curated lists with friends & family, and regulate access to private lists as well 💪

Check out our Senior Product Manager Luke's explainer video covering the exciting features in our latest app update ⭐📱
With the recent announcements of some key partners like the LAFD and Mapbox, it's great to see momentum in the US picking up 💪🇺🇸

Check out Chris’s interview with ABC news 👏
Beautiful jasmine flowers and cultural values ​​that are inherent in a nation. Diversity that implies the value of tolerance and fosters brotherhood. Thank you for visiting my blog.
“Being in the car with my dad while he was having a heart attack made me realise how important it is to be able to tell someone your exact location.” ✨ I wanted to share one of my personal highlights from #KnowExactlyWhere week - working with our team to speak with Gary and Joe, and learning how what3words played a part in their harrowing rescue. When Gary realised he was having a heart attack while driving, he pulled over and called 999 immediately. After struggling to explain where he was, his son Joe took over and remembered having downloaded our... (More)