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Today brings us the story of a parakeet, an Uber driver, what3words, and two dedicated volunteers...

When a Londoner found an injured parakeet in his garden, he made good use of technology to find someone who could help save the bird and ensure it would reach them safely

Read the full story here -
what3words in Times Squares 🤩

It was a proud moment yesterday to be featured on one of the most iconic advertising space in the world as part of the refreshed GREAT Britain & Northern Ireland Campaign, which launches this week and invites people to see things differently.
Is anyone in the community in Edinburgh? You could get on the hunt for a 24-carat gold can today.

Our friends at BrewDog have hidden 5 Gold Lost Lager cans in 5 cities around the world. After London and Manchester earlier this week, they will be announcing shortly on their social media a clue, made of 3 words, helping to find today's treasure in Edinburgh...

And the hunt moves to Berlin and Columbus, Ohio tomorrow and Friday so feel free to share the news if you have family and friends there.
It's live! Our latest TV campaign is now on the air in the UK, kicking off during "This Morning". Let us know if you spot it on ITV in the upcoming weeks :)