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Phil Sproson
Let's Go Peak District founder & Outdoor Photographer
Asked a question 2 years ago

Will it be, or is it possible already to embed a w3w map into an existing website showing your pinned w3w address? (for example on a contact page where this would accompany other information such as contact form, other address details etc)

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Hi @Phil Sproson33 ! Great question - We don't formally offer this functionality as we are still primarily wanting to driving users to the what3words map site. This is mainly for educational purposes as discovery is really important for new users learning, experiencing & inputting 3 word addresses into various websites & check out pages etc. 

Would you still want to integrate our widget onto the website? There are multiple ways you can do it. I have provided our developer page for accessing the API419 which you could look at signing up for.

There is however an option (where you can change the 3 word address in the URL to the one you want) on a website by adding an iframe which would support your request.  207

Hope this helps somewhat!