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The Canadian website for the "Weather Network" posted an article on January 17, 2021 in which they discussed the value of What3words for rescue and reported the following regarding the police force in the Canadian province of Ontario. "As of December 2020, the Ontario Provincial Police has adopted the what3words app and began using it as part of their rescue services. Most recently, the OPP used it to locate two missing hikers in the northern Bruce Peninsula near Lion’s Head. OPP Const. Rick Sadler says it’s not hard to get lost or distressed in rural settings, and the OPP deal with countless calls from people in such straits, but 911 services’ cell signal triangulation can sometimes be inaccurate in those cases, lengthening the search by hours. “We would have to use sometimes marine services, our emergency response teams, canine was often utilized, and sometimes even our OPP helicopter, our air support, to try and locate someone in distress, as you can imagine lost in the woods,” Sadler says. “The ability to have somebody stop, tell us the three words that's on the screen and have that triangulate the latitude and longitude, will save hours and of course, in [an] emergency situation, when you save hours, you save lives." Had you heard about this??

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