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Asked a question 2 years ago

I just installed W3W on my android and my wifes iphone. I saved the location for my driveway, then went for a walk in my neighborhood. I live in the country, on a ridge, with no big buildings nearby and no trees blocking my phone from the sky. When I click the w3w directions, the compass often points me 180 degrees the wrong way. I'm leaving for a adventure in the desert with no cell reception and hoping to rely on w3w to find my way back to camp, if necessary. So far, I don't have the confidence that w3w will work for me. Any suggestions on how to get it to work? Thanks!

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Hi there @Haven C37  Hmm this is an interesting one as, like you say, being outdoors without big buildings etc. should generally give your device good GPS signal. If you navigate with the compass in what3words, then right down at the bottom of the screen in grey text you should see current GPS accuracy – perhaps have a look at that and see how accurate your device's signal is?

Also just to confirm that the compass direction will be 'as the crow flies' so in a straight line to your destination, rather than following roads or a route – I'm sure you know that, but just to eliminate another possibility!

Have another go, and let us know how it goes.