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Asked a question 8 months ago

Has anyone made up a treasure hunt? My family is having a Reunion this weekend and I thought the best way to introduce the app and it’s features was a trivia game with what 3 words as clues. I was going to include some location around the family home and some world sites. Any suggestions?

Where am I?

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Hey @Jerome Moore26

We have had loads of people using what3words to organise treasure hunts :D 

Check out this video which highlights how some people have used the app for fun activities :

Here is a tweet from one of the people who used our app for a treasure hunt:

This page contains ideas and fun ways to engage with the app: 

And lastly! You can check out PuzzlePost: It's essentially an 'Escape room in a box' dinner party game, and what3words is part of the clues you need to solve :

Hope this helps! And we'd love to see the final result of whatever you end up doing :D Feel free to share it here on the community :)