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Can you help us identify the what3words locations for Rees Jeffreys Roadside Rests across the UK? We are a UK charity that was founded in 1950 by the amazing visionary William Rees Jeffreys. Over the years the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund has paid for over 70 Roadside Rests to be created across the UK - these are places that people using the road can pull off the road, take a break and admire the view. During the pandemic being able to appreciate our natural world has been really important to so many people. However the information on the Roadside Rests - where they are and what sort of condition they are in - has been lost in the mist of time. Can you help us identify the what3words locations for them, so that other people may access them and enjoy the view? You can read here about William Rees Jeffreys You can read about his Roadside Rests here Please email information about Roadside Rests to

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