The Bronte Parsonage Museum - once the actual home of the legendary Bronte sisters 👀🤯 - ran a what3words creative writing challenge for their community ✍️ 

The task involved using any 9 words from the 16 what3words addresses that cover the actual museum site and writers were encouraged to be as imaginative as possible :) Here is the winning poem: 

The Gatherer by Maria Johnson

The hills encircling, watching silently,

The thrones of invisible monarchs,

As the last of daylight radiates,

Its rays disappearing behind the lonely pine.

A lone figure hops,

Culling what she may, while daylight lingers,

From the banks of the raging stream

As it pumps its crystal essence

On its inevitable path.

Like a whirlwind, she skips lightly across the dampened stones,

She bypasses the torrent as darkness falls

And the monarchs of old see her safely home with her bounty