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w3w in Germany
w3w in Germany
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As more and more German people and businesses adopt what3words, this group is the place to share your Germany-specific questions, ideas and experiences. Let’s spread use of what3words in Germany!

Gutten Morgen,

Do any of you use the German-language version of W3W? Does anybody have examples of amusing word-combinations?

Thanks, Ian.

Hi there German what3worders!

Just wanted to share this what3words address spotted on a Munich hotel website – have you spotted any out and about in Germany yet?

Explore the Bavarian countryside using what3words ⛰️

Best Western Hotel Europe’s blog post features a collection of hidden hiking spots 🥾 in Bavaria complete with the what3words addresses so you can navigate to them easily  🙌

Check it out here  👉

Explore Germany safely this summer!

With many of us thinking about travel once again, we are excited to announce our partnership with Best Western! 🏨

You can now navigate straight to the hotel entrance of any Best Western in Germany with just 3 words. Hoteliers will also be sharing what3words addresses for unique points of interest, so you can explore with confidence!

👉 Learn more here