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w3w in Germany
w3w in Germany
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As more and more German people and businesses adopt what3words, this group is the place to share your Germany-specific questions, ideas and experiences. Let’s spread use of what3words in Germany!

Explore Germany safely this summer!

With many of us thinking about travel once again, we are excited to announce our partnership with Best Western! 🏨

You can now navigate straight to the hotel entrance of any Best Western in Germany with just 3 words. Hoteliers will also be sharing what3words addresses for unique points of interest, so you can explore with confidence!

👉 Learn more here
Today marks the launch of our very first TV ad in Germany 🙌

Broadcasted across the ProSieben network, the ad is part of a wider campaign to drive awareness and expand knowledge of what3words in Germany.

Having to shoot in Cologne without being able to travel there came with a few logistical challenges but now we’re really excited to share the final product ✨

Especially for our German-speaking fans -

what3words recommended in Badische Zeitung

Our app featured in Badische Zeitung's top four tips to be prepared for medical emergencies. Used by over 80% of emergency services here in the UK, what3words is starting to be used by a number of services in Germany and it's great to see articles like this raising awareness in the region even further!

Ambulance at ///gewinner.oben.erfreut
Ambulance at ///gewinner.oben.erfreut
Hi dear w3w community in Germany! In May, the Bavarian Red Cross is launching a pilot with what3words for the internal communication of locations between the control centres (where emergency calls arrive) and the emergency response units (like e.g. fire services). They are still looking for students to accompany the project with a quantitive and qualitative evaluation as part of their university studies. You can learn more about the pilot here: If you are interested or know someone who might be interested, please get in touch and/or share the following post by the Integrierte Leitstelle Region Ingolstadt with them:... (More)