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w3w in Australia
w3w in Australia
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Hi everyone – thanks for joining this group. It's early days for what3words in Australia, so anything you can do to help us spread the word is hugely appreciated.

A few things you can do:
- Use a what3words address whenever you arrange to meet a friend
- Share our app with your local communities & clubs
- Recommend us to business you use like delivery companies, taxi firms and breakdown companies

We'd love to hear your own ideas for how we spread awareness of what3words in Australia!

Joined crowdcube today 10/07/22. Want to be a small investor in What3Words.
The life-saving rescue at ///inkwell.breezy.swats 🚑

Yahoo news just shared the story - shared by Gordon CAMPBELL earlier on - of how what3words helped locate and rescue an experienced caver who found himself trapped 20 metres down a vertical cave entrance in New South Wales:
New South Wales Fire & Rescue shared this story about what3words being used to help locate a woman in need 🙌
Zolboo Dashmyagmar
Partnerships Lead, APAC at what3words
Hello w3w in Australia
Hope all is well with you?

Quickly wanted to share the Live Webinar coming up for the Farming community at Farming Secrets. Feel free to reserve a spot or share it with those who need it. It's tomorrow and free.