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w3w in Australia
w3w in Australia
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Hi everyone – thanks for joining this group. It's early days for what3words in Australia, so anything you can do to help us spread the word is hugely appreciated.

A few things you can do:
- Use a what3words address whenever you arrange to meet a friend
- Share our app with your local communities & clubs
- Recommend us to business you use like delivery companies, taxi firms and breakdown companies

We'd love to hear your own ideas for how we spread awareness of what3words in Australia!

Zolboo Dashmyagmar
Partnerships Lead, APAC at what3words
I enjoyed exploring more about Farming Secrets, a global community - supporting farmers who are seeking how to take the steps to healthier farming. Great to be meeting (virtually😅) Ray Milidoni, who is deeply passionate about regenerative farming and soil health, and chatting how using what3words can help farmers to operate safely and more efficiently to take the farm forward with confidence. Read what Ray and his team put together here and we’re also organising a live webinar at 7 PM Melbourne (AEST) on 05 August. Will share registration details in the coming days.
What follows is an edited version of a 13th July 2021 post that appeared on the Facebook page of Fire and Rescue NSW Australia. I invited them to join our Facebook group "What3Worders Australia" which they did in minutes. Well done F&R NSW. "///inkwell.breezy.swats. These words may not mean much to hundreds of thousands of Aussies, but they mean everything to Australian Triple Zero (000) call-takers. With just 3 words, emergency call-takers across the country are now using What3Words technology to establish where help is needed and what resources to dispatch. In the case of this experienced caver, help was... (More)
This was recently posted on the Facebook group "What3Worders Australia". Google tells us 51 of the 67 group members saw it in the 48 hours after it was posted:

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Which would you prefer to identify the exact location of a spot that has great historical significance at Cape Keraudren in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia?
Photo courtesy Newman Visitors Centre

Hello ‘w3w in Australia’! It’s always great to hear people from around the globe sharing their experience of using what3words 😄

Have a look at Rick J Petersen’s fun Tiktok video explaining what3words while exploring the wilderness of Australia 🌳 🦘