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Welcome to the w3w.Community Hub

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My favourite spot is ///compounds.mavericks.cumulative
We use to support our publications on SteemBlockchain. In return for our work, we are rewarded with crypto initiated on the network.

Thank you w3w for making it easy for us to share our location with our readers.
Is anyone else having an issue with the beta app shutting down when entering in for into the search bar?

Hi @Sam Balderson7 Thanks for dropping to the w3w.community8!

Within the what3words app, your engineer can go to 'Saved Locations' to create a list and then use the Share feature to share that list either with specific email addresses, or as a link anyone can use. If the engineer updtaes the list, it'll update for everybody who has 'followed' the list.

At present, the list can only be edited by its owner. Collaborative lists which can be added to by multiple feature are a feature we looking into for the future.

I hope that helps! Please do let us know... (More)