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Tech for good
Tech for good

We love how people are using our tech to make the world a better and safer place

Here we'll share stories and use cases where what3words technology is used for good. 

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If you've used what3words to help others, or have been helped by our tech, let us know below.

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Delivering women’s healthcare with what3words

I wanted to share an exciting integration with you - Nabta Health ⚕️

Nabta Health is a UAE based business that puts women in control of their healthcare by offering them personalised advice and products to achieve their health goals.🙌

Customers can add their what3words address at checkout, so they can get everything they need delivered to their exact location.

👉 Read more about how Nabta Heath is empowering women here
This is definitely one of my favourite what3words integrations 👏

The ‘MyLifePlanner’ app is particularly useful for people with learning disabilities or those experiencing memory loss, to help them get through daily tasks ✅

The app is now what3words-enabled, which allows users to communicate in one click their exact location to a chosen contact in case they are lost, or need help 🆘

Read more about how it works -

Exploring the coast from the classroom with what3words 🌊 As part of a programme organised by the Academies Education Trust & the NHS - The Newington Academy in Hull are teaching Year 6 students to use what3words in a variety of innovative ways that tie into their Geography curriculum. For instance, searching for locations related to seas and coasts using 3 word addresses. Teachers also went on and brought what3words into their English lessons by asking students to write their own newspaper pieces, based on real what3words articles found online. Have you ever used what3words with kids beyond Geography-related activities... (More)

Summer Safety Campaign - Have you used what3words in an emergency?

Hello community 👋

what3words is working on a UK Summer Safety Campaign by sharing our awareness & preparedness message of downloading the app ahead of visiting the coast, staying in holiday homes / staycations & planning any adventures i.e water-sports, walking or hiking.

As part of our campaign, we are always looking to feature stories of people who have been supported in an emergency using what3words.

Is this you? Or do you know anyone who has used what3words in an emergency situation?

Feel free to get in touch with me directly on

I have also shared some examples from... (More)