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Product hub

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App Update 🚀

As the shared lists feature has been one of our most popular ones, we've made it easier to share your curated lists with friends & family, and regulate access to private lists as well 💪

Check out our Senior Product Manager Luke's explainer video covering the exciting features in our latest app update ⭐📱
Hi everyone 👋 My name is Melissa and I am one of the copywriters at what3words! I will be keeping you all updated this week whilst Aarati is away! Unfortunately, she broke her ankle whilst playing touch rugby last week 🏉– we are all wishing her a speedy recovery! 🙏 It’s really important to us that you all get the most out of the what3words app. Luke, one of our Senior Product Managers, has done an amazing job recording a short video answering three of our most asked questions. 📹 Watch the video to see him cover: 📝 Ca... (More)

Hi Peter - sorry you're having trouble. This Notion page has a lot of useful info on – have a look and let us know if it helps you out:

As noted on the page, this extension was built by a developer outside of what3words, so you'd need to contact them directly to report any bugs or issues – it sounds like you have tried that already though.

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