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Getting started
Getting started

Just getting started in w3w.Community

Drop us a post below to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about how you use what3words

Then here are some things to try:

  • Click any topic on the left to see posts from our team & other members. Some are read-only, others we'd love you to get involved
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  • Join some groups  to chat with like-minded members
  • Spot the what3words team members with their red badges
  • View our video guide  for how to use the Community Hub
  • Before you dive in, have a quick read of our Community Guidelines 

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My first time with this app, I think it is amazing I think all pet owners should download there would be less pups in the hole. Meet Luna four year old German Shepherd emotional support companion whom I adopted at Bakers
Hi all - In my job I get to meet many artists and see their work. I've also been interested in What3words from the beginning when I attended an 'innovation' seminar in London by 100%Open. So, during this time, I've been thinking about how might the arts and artists use W3W? Well imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon an amazing British artist called Genevieve Rudd, in Great Yarmouth, who has undertaken plant studies and incorporated the histories and stories of certain plants. (see the picture) Explaining their relevance and place in our histories and in the local locations -... (More)