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Getting started
Getting started

Just getting started in w3w.Community

Drop us a post below to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about how you use what3words

Then here are some things to try:

  • Click any topic on the left to see posts from our team & other members. Some are read-only, others we'd love you to get involved
  • Follow a topic to get notifications of new posts
  • Join some groups  to chat with like-minded members
  • Spot the what3words team members with their red badges
  • View our video guide  for how to use the Community Hub
  • Before you dive in, have a quick read of our Community Guidelines 

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App Update 🚀

As the shared lists feature has been one of our most popular ones, we've made it easier to share your curated lists with friends & family, and regulate access to private lists as well 💪

Check out our Senior Product Manager Luke's explainer video covering the exciting features in our latest app update ⭐📱
Benoit Prunierwhat3words
Senior Social Marketing Manager
Looking for new ways to use what3words? We've welcomed some exciting new partners this month, from food delivery apps to retailers and mapping tools: - Capita - PageOne: Communications provider PageOne has integrated with what3words, offering a precise geolocation service to its customers. - Supper: Supper allows customers to add and save a what3words address for their exact delivery location. - Metapack: Delivery management software company Metapack has integrated with what3words for more accurate last mile delivery. - Just Decking: This decking merchant accepts what3words addresses at checkout for a precise delivery. - Donkey Delivers: This food delivery app delivers... (More)
Is anyone using w3w for home garden design?
Hi 'Wordsmiths... This is @Lottiethelandrover... owned by Katie & Geoff, we've been using What3Words since 2014 when we were both in HM Coastguard and started raising awareness in the operations centres of the coastguard. Naturally we took its use into our personal lives, using What3Words to give directions for delivery and collection drivers... not to mention spreading the word to whoever is interested! We have used it to plot an off-road trip through the Yorkshire Dales. To locate sites to come back to for photography and drone flying for work and leisure... plotting, planning and recording, it does everything we... (More)