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Business use
Business use

Businesses around the world are using what3words
These include:

  • Car companies
  • Delivery companies
  • Taxi apps
  • Navigation apps
  • Public infrastructure
  • So much more!

Here we'll share our favourite examples, along with tips and useful materials. 

If you own or work for a business that uses what3words, tell us about it below! 

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Introducing some of the partners we welcomed in July 👋 -Intents Go now lets users input and share what3words addresses in their navigation app. -MyLifePlanner helps people with dementia or memory loss get through their day to day tasks. They can now easily share their exact what3words location with chosen contacts. -Pindrop is a personal mapping app that enables users to save what3words addresses of memorable locations. -The Lifeguard app displays what3words locations alongside GPS coordinates and local emergency phone numbers for users in need. -Re-flow, a mobile workforce management software has integrated what3words for smoother operation. Explore the lates... (More)
Delivering women’s healthcare with what3words

I wanted to share an exciting integration with you - Nabta Health ⚕️

Nabta Health is a UAE based business that puts women in control of their healthcare by offering them personalised advice and products to achieve their health goals.🙌

Customers can add their what3words address at checkout, so they can get everything they need delivered to their exact location.

👉 Read more about how Nabta Heath is empowering women here
Join today’s Airbnb x what3words webinar 💻

Get information on how to get started as an Airbnb Host, as well as discussions on summer travel trends and creating a great guest experience. ☀️🧳

It’s not too late to reserve your place.

👉 When - Today (20th of June) at 5:30pm BST

Finding a new home can be difficult, but finding the front door shouldn’t be. 🏠 Street addresses often don’t lead us to the right place. what3words addresses can take people to exactly the right entrance of any property viewing so they can arrive relaxed and on time 🚪🕐 If you are looking for a new property, ask your Estate Agent for what3words addresses. If you are or know of any Estate Agents, share our landing page with them. We also have a Communications Hub full of materials so they can start using what3words straight away! 👉 Communications Hub (More)