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Business use
Business use

Businesses around the world are using what3words
These include:

  • Car companies
  • Delivery companies
  • Taxi apps
  • Navigation apps
  • Public infrastructure
  • So much more!

Here we'll share our favourite examples, along with tips and useful materials. 

If you own or work for a business that uses what3words, tell us about it below! 

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Looking for new ways to use what3words? We've welcomed some exciting new partners this month, from food delivery apps to retailers and mapping tools: - Capita - PageOne: Communications provider PageOne has integrated with what3words, offering a precise geolocation service to its customers. - Supper: Supper allows customers to add and save a what3words address for their exact delivery location. - Metapack: Delivery management software company Metapack has integrated with what3words for more accurate last mile delivery. - Just Decking: This decking merchant accepts what3words addresses at checkout for a precise delivery. - Donkey Delivers: This food delivery app delivers... (More)
Business use

Small business spotlight: Walton & Hipkiss Estate Agents

Some properties can be difficult to find - they could be in a rural area with a postcode that spans for miles or perhaps a new build without a traditional address. To tackle this problem Walton & Hipkiss have listed the what3words address for each of their properties on their website, making viewings simple and creating a smooth customer experience. They've even added a what3words explainer to their website's homepage and created this video.

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Meet some of the latest partners and products using what3words

From navigation tools and emergency response software, to on-demand grocery delivery and cars, her is our round up of partners that joined us in May:

1. my 3 words (Fitbit app): This Fitbit app displays its wearer's current what3words location in 16 different languages.
2. Genius Maps: Users can type in what3words addresses to find and navigate to precise locations.
3. Firehub: The emergency alert app has integrated what3words so first responders can find exact locations faster.
4. Latitude and Longitude to OS grid: This geographic tool converts latitude and longitude coordinates to what3words addresses.
5. The shop has... (More)