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Asked a question last year

Topic: Widget and additional displays. Question: Would it be at all possible to get an Android widget? Like something that shows up on the top of the home screen in Android 12 kind of like the weather? Or Events? Additionally, show information on the lock screen of a phone, kind of like your name? At least you can add a name on lock screen on Android 12. My ultimate angle would be able to put the w3w widget on my son's cell phones so when I ask them where they are they can just tell me the three words. Thanks folks! Love this project tho.

Where am I?

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Hey @Stephen Skaines39 , I've checked with our product team and sadly they communicated to me that while we have looked into it quite extensively, we're unable to offer a widget on android phones currently as there are some concerns about accuracy. Hopefully, we'll be able to add this in the future though!