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Asked a question last year

I wonder who is coming up with these words, just checked w3w of my house and was shocked dragging stress is not something you want to live in , I would just omit negative words for creating codes

Where am I?

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Hi @Irina Kirvalidze67  Thanks for your message :)

When we choose the words in English, we aimed to remove the more rude and offensive words, but some negative-feeling words, like 'stress' are present. We needed 40,000 English words to cover the entire world, so we couldn't exclude too many, and of course different people can find different words negative.

If, as in your case, someone has an address for their home that they're not keen on, we suggest selecting another square close by. Most homes have multiple options they can choose from - either at the front door, on the path or on the driveway will help people find you just fine.

Best wishes and thanks for using what3words!