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Asked a question 2 years ago

I’ve use the program for a while now, there was a way to print your w3w address eg ///word.word.word. Now I can’t find it. Also why isn’t there a way to save your w3w address as a jpg so it can be added to files, business cards etc

Where am I?

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Hi @Ted Walkowiak39 Part of the beauty of a what3words address is that you can just type it in any font or colour you like to suit your own brand or style.  This is what most people do when they add a what3words address to a printed document, or business card.

In terms of pages we offer, we do have an embed code generator that helps you neatly embed a what3words address into your website – perhaps this is what you were thinking of?

We do also have business card templates available is you buy your business cards from Moo.com53

I hope that helps :)_