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Asked a question 2 years ago

I understood that the advantage of w3w is that it is easier to share three words compared to using geographic coordinates. I have one silly question: Would it be feasible to create another user layer (above the layers of individual languages), in which users would create a database of w3w addresses from three words of their choice? Of course, each of the three words could be used only once, but that should not be a problem. I would see the advantage in that, in addition to easy sharing, it would be possible to create such three words that will be easy to remember and characterize for a given place. The choice of words would be limited, but that would not be a problem. For example: statue.freedom.newyork - city.hall.trent - - beautiful.view.everest ... When I offer customers the indication of the w3w address on business cards, its indication is prevented due to incomprehensibility or poor memorization. I can know a simple reason that prevents the creation of such a database (just quite simply) - Thank you

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Hey @Traugott Jindřich36 . It is a very good question! 

In short, all the 3 word addresses are randomly allocated and completely fixed, meaning that they can be used offline, which would not be possible if people were able to make changes all the time.

We have considered, and tested, a system where people could buy words of their own choosing. However, such name changes would not be available to offline users, undermining the idea of what3words as a universal system that never changes.

I know your question is relating to an extra layer above the system, but education & mass adoption of  what3words is our priority for now. We also have some other interesting answers to questions in our below supporter page website which you can trawl through if of use too :)

Hope it helps!