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David Duffy
Cycle Bike 🚲 Repair Restoration 🚴 Rebuild
Asked a question 6 months ago

Hi, please excuse my infancy knowledge of w3w. My job involves visiting various locations around a 25 radius of my address. How can I best share some of the interesting locations I visit yon the w3w platform? Also whilst sharing these interesting locations to both those who may wish to visit but also to those unable to visit but nevertheless find the location information of interest! Also whilst providing interesting pictorial and location information giving support to those isolated and in need of a friendly word or prayer 🙏 . And finally providing a service of bike / cycle repair, restoration 🚲 and rebuild🚴 in attempt to create this into a business opportunity for myself. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP, INFORMATION, TIPS AND IDEAS. 🙏

Where am I?

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Hi, there are plenty of ways to share w3w addresses: 

copy and paste the address with a link to the website;

share photos from the w3w photo app;

attach the address to pictures in instagram and add the w3w link to your website and social media…