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Asked a question 2 years ago

Could you advise how much is Usage there is Greece. In Greece many of the roads, streets and house location have no zip/postcode! What a great use w3w would be to all especially emergency services

Where am I?

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Hi @Gerry Brady34 Thanks for the question :) 

what3words adoption in Greece is still in its early stages, but there certainly are people using the free app day-to-day, and it's available in Greek.

A particular thing we've noticed is what3words being used for the tourism industry, for example to help people find interesting sites like this:

The news about our Triumph motorbike integration also was featured in this Greek publication:

If you're based in Greece and would like to see people and businesses using what3words, please do spread the word and link people to our website and youtube videos – word of mouth communication is incredibly impactful! 

Thanks for your support.