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Asked a question 7 months ago

Can word addresses be changed or are they set forever?

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Hey @William Sterling22, thanks for your question :) 

what3words addresses are fixed and will never change. That’s how what3words is able to work offline and needs no updates or database. We know a lot of people would like to personalise the words in their addresses, but this can’t be done 😅

It is not possible to buy or choose your own words because all what3words addresses are randomly allocated and completely fixed, meaning that they can be used offline, which would not be possible if people were able to make changes all the time.

We have considered, and tested, a system where people could buy words of their own choosing. However, such name changes would not be available to offline users, undermining the idea of what3words as a universal system that never changes 🙌


This is a cool idea! They can't be changed as far as I'm aware, but my business is called The Bespoke Sign House... it would be cool to have our front door what3words address as ///bespoke.sign.house30 

No doubt it would be quite a challenge to put this sort of functionality in place though, I'm sure! :)