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Asked a question 8 months ago

Are w3w address stickers added to the image metadata of the photo file or are they otherwise associated with the photo? Do the stickers show up for anyone viewing a stickered photo or only if the photo is viewed in the w3w app?

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It appears that w3w-tagged photos under iOS/macOS carry the tag embedded with the photo file. A test photo I made at my desk at home shows in the Photos app with the tag which, when hovered/clicked-on shows an 'Explore' tab that, when clicked, brings up a w3w-supplied map view. Very cool and useful. 

Hey @Jim Salmons22 :) Thanks for your question!

-If you choose the 'Photo mode' option in ‘Settings’ in the app, you should be able to click a new photo/choose an existing one and add the what3words address sticker onto it. 

-This pulls the location info (Lat/long) from the image's metadata and converts it into a what3words address.

-To clarify: the what3words address is not stored in the metadata of images, but generated using the lat/long info that is stored in the metadata. 

- Also, if you import an image into the app, refine the location (so the what3words is different from the auto-generated one) and then press save, the metadata (lat/long info) will be updated with the new location you've tagged on to it. 

I hope this helps, and feel free to revert with any other questions if needed!