What follows is an edited version of a 13th July 2021 post that appeared on the Facebook page of Fire and Rescue NSW Australia. I invited them to join our Facebook group "What3Worders Australia" which they did in minutes. Well done F&R NSW.

"///inkwell.breezy.swats. These words may not mean much to hundreds of thousands of Aussies, but they mean everything to Australian Triple Zero (000) call-takers.
With just 3 words, emergency call-takers across the country are now using What3Words technology to establish where help is needed and what resources to dispatch.
In the case of this experienced caver, help was needed 20 metres down a vertical cave entrance in Wee Jasper, Yass Valley NSW. (Check the location and see how isolated it is)
With the help of the NSW Police Force, NSW Ambulance, and What3Words technology the caver was able to be hauled to safety by Fire and Rescue NSW.
Time is essential in any emergency and the sooner Triple 000 knows where you are, the sooner they know who to send and where. Are you prepared? Save the app that could save your life – download the 'Emergency +' app with What3Words included today".
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