What do an online bridal retailer, a drone-enabled medical supplies provider, and an electric bike company have in common? 🤔 💭

They can all be facilitated using what3words thanks to our latest partners 👏

Check them out:

-FenschCartoWeb: This online geoportal uses what3words technology to help admin staff and residents in Fensch Valley find precise locations.
-Petite Properties: This architectural model company has added a what3words field at checkout so customers can specify a precise delivery location.
-Fulcrum: Fulcrum has integrated what3words into its data collection platform so remote field workers can capture precise locations.
-Mark43: Emergency service teams using this CAD system can enter, view and share what3words addresses given by 911 callers.
-Love Spell: This online bridal retailer has added a what3words field at checkout for accurate deliveries to customers.
-Hard & Ware: Customers can get bespoke door handles and other interior objects delivered straight to what3words addresses.
-Mobilleo: Users of this travel planning app can use what3words addresses to enter the start and end of their journeys.
-Kentainers: This water container retailer accepts what3words at checkout so customers get products delivered exactly where they want them.
-Dove Air: DoveAir uses drones to deliver medical supplies directly to customers' what3words locations.
-MyTako: Customers can get picked up/dropped off at what3words addresses using this taxi comparison website.
-AirVote: This restroom assistance app uses what3words to help drivers find restrooms that have been poorly rated and need cleaning.
-WristMap: Users can view their current what3words address on their wearable device with this app.
-Matclad: This cladding manufacturer added a what3words field at checkout via the WooCommerce plugin so customers can specify precise delivery locations.
-Photo Map: Users can search and add what3words addresses to their photos on this interactive photo mapping app.
-Save Water Drink Beer: This e-commerce website selling beer to raise funds for African communities accepts what3words at checkout for precise delivery locations.
-Smoke Point: This app allows the public to report the what3words location of smoke sightings and fires to 911.
-DASH Rides: Customers of this e-bike subscription service can get their bikes delivered to precise what3words locations.
-Brandbox Laundry: This laundry service offers customers on-demand collection and delivery to what3words addresses.
-Take A Bao: This online food delivery service has integrated what3words into its checkout page so customers can choose a precise delivery location.
-Yomphine: This online grocery store accepts what3words at checkout for precise deliveries to customers.