The What3Words Team asked us to add a review to 'Trustpilot'. I wrote this:
What an achievement in just 8 years!
In "Guidelines for Reviewers" the first sentence reads: "Trustpilot is here to help you shape and improve the world". Exactly the same could be said of 'What3Words'.
87% of reviewers give 'What3Words' 5-stars. Another 2% give 4-stars.
No matter how good is a product, a service, or a piece of technology, there will always be some critics.
I respect the 8% who gave a 1-star review. However, as an octogenarian, I applaud the creators of 'What3Words' and can see why some of the world's most successful businesses in 49 countries are now using it. What an achievement in just 8 years!