Looking for new ways to use what3words? We've welcomed some exciting new partners this month, from food delivery apps to retailers and mapping tools:

- Capita - PageOne: Communications provider PageOne has integrated with what3words, offering a precise geolocation service to its customers.
- Supper: Supper allows customers to add and save a what3words address for their exact delivery location.
- Metapack: Delivery management software company Metapack has integrated with what3words for more accurate last mile delivery.
- Just Decking: This decking merchant accepts what3words addresses at checkout for a precise delivery.
- Donkey Delivers: This food delivery app delivers to what3words addresses for a seamless experience for drivers and customers.
- Little Pickles & Balloon Creations: Customers of this online retailer can enter their what3words address at checkout for delivery straight to their doorstep.
- The Oak Bed Store: This furniture retailer has added what3words at checkout, enabling customers to give a precise delivery address.
- Scribble Maps: This mapping tool is what3words-enabled so users can discover and search for precise locations easily.
- Zipabout: Users of this route planning platform can use what3words to enter their start and destination locations.

Head to our website for an extended list of our current partners and products: https://what3words.com/products/