Hi all - In my job I get to meet many artists and see their work. I've also been interested in What3words from the beginning when I attended an 'innovation' seminar in London by 100%Open. So, during this time, I've been thinking about how might the arts and artists use W3W? Well imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon an amazing British artist called Genevieve Rudd, in Great Yarmouth, who has undertaken plant studies and incorporated the histories and stories of certain plants. (see the picture) Explaining their relevance and place in our histories and in the local locations - which she uses W3W to show where she found the plant! This allowed me to follow her work and see her inspiration and how she has been influenced by the locations she has visited. This really brings alive the work she has created and gives me the opportunity to see the VERY locations for myself and meet the plants!
I have now seen and encouraged arts organisations and artists to use W3W when presenting their work in the public realm/outside locations, such as festivals and art trails, so they can be found easily by visitors.
I am interested to find many more ways and would be interested to see more examples.