Hello everyone 👋

My name is Aarati (Pronounced R-Tee for anyone who’s wondering), and I’m absolutely thrilled to join what3words as Community Manager. Much like everyone here, I’ve been an ardent follower and supporter of 3 word addresses for a long time now, and I’m extremely excited to work together and change the way the world talks about location 😌

Most frequently I use 3 word addresses to-

🌳  Save and communicate my favourite spots in Hyde/Battersea Park  for picnic spots/friend meet-ups.
🙌 Find and remember the best roller skating spots in London (I’m an avid skater).
🏠  Communicate my home address to anyone visiting me (my apartment is in a tiny lane that’s very confusing to locate using a postcode).

One of the principles I live by is to - “Be the change you want to see in the world”, and that’s exactly what you all do here. I’m really looking forward to our journey together, and can’t wait to see where we can take what3words next 🚀