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w3w in the UK
w3w in the UK
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More and more businesses, services, organisations and people across the UK are using what3words. Whether you’re a UK app user, small business or anything else, this is the place to ask questions and share your ideas and experiences. Let’s make what3words a UK standard!

Spotted! what3words on Northumbrian water signposts

Northumbrian Water has started adding what3words addresses to its public way-finding signs on their water reservoirs. Kielder Water is the first site, but there are more to follow.

If you've spotted a what3words address on your summer travels, share a photo here and tag your post with 'w3w in the wild'

Cool UK arts project using w3w

This online gallery showcases creative works including poetry, art, video and sound, with each piece inspired by a specific 3m square in the Yorkshire town of Goole. 

Have a look and tell us which is your favourite – I'm personally loving the tiny boat installation at ///since.afraid.blossom

Josh Raynerwhat3words
Business Development Associate :mantelpiece_clock:
Hi in the UK!

My name is Josh and I work in the partnerships team at what3words.

I have been working on a number of different projects across the UK. I have been assiting Emergency Services utilise what3words to assist those in need, breakdown companies (like the AA) find people broken-down at the roadside, and also councils/local authorities around the UK to use what3words to help the public report things like fly-tipping and pot-holes.

If you have any questions or if you need anything at all please do just give me a shout :)


Catch us on BBC One on Wednesday 7th April 📺

We're featuring on new BBC One series Frontline Fightback  at 11am on Wednesday 7th April when Inspector Jamie Gray explains why Durham Police use what3words and how they've used our tech on hundreds of different occasions to quickly identify precise incident locations. Tune in live our catch up after the show has aired 👇

Police vehicle at ///popped.slurping.trim
Police vehicle at ///popped.slurping.trim