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w3w in the UK
w3w in the UK
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More and more businesses, services, organisations and people across the UK are using what3words. Whether you’re a UK app user, small business or anything else, this is the place to ask questions and share your ideas and experiences. Let’s make what3words a UK standard!

In the news... A real world example of how w3w has the potential of saving lives.....

Such a shame that the reporter didn't get the name of the app correct🙄
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Listen out for what3words!

Hi everyone, I wanted to share a new way we're spreading the word about what3words in the UK  – on the radio!

Over the next 3-4 weeks, this ad will be playing across a large section of the North of England. We based it on a staycation theme, as we've seen lots of people using what3words to find holiday cottages and campsites.

Let us know what you think  or if you hear it while you're listening to the radio!

Click here to find the audio file in the Drive 

Latest news

UK members - have you spotted our ad during the Euros?

If you've been enjoying the football, you may have spotted our new TV ad in the breaks. If not, it's due to be airing during the following games, so keep your eyes peeled!

Denmark vs Belgium on the 17th 
Portugal vs Germany on the 19th
Italy vs Wales on the 20th

Spotted! what3words on Northumbrian water signposts

Northumbrian Water has started adding what3words addresses to its public way-finding signs on their water reservoirs. Kielder Water is the first site, but there are more to follow.

If you've spotted a what3words address on your summer travels, share a photo here and tag your post with 'w3w in the wild'