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Teaching what3words
Teaching what3words
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Hello teachers, sports coaches, homeschooling parents and youth club leaders! More and more schools and kids clubs have been using what3words to run activities with young people. This is also a great space to ask questions and share ideas with other activity leaders and educators. You’ll find useful materials in our activities toolkit, a crowdsourced collection of the games and activities that this community has created so far.

Hope you enjoy, danke.
Exploring the coast from the classroom with what3words 🌊 As part of a programme organised by the Academies Education Trust & the NHS - The Newington Academy in Hull are teaching Year 6 students to use what3words in a variety of innovative ways that tie into their Geography curriculum. For instance, searching for locations related to seas and coasts using 3 word addresses. Teachers also went on and brought what3words into their English lessons by asking students to write their own newspaper pieces, based on real what3words articles found online. Have you ever used what3words with kids beyond Geography-related activities... (More)
Hi, I am new to this community forum but been using W3W for many years. I launched it in Liberia for a bank that had clients living in slums without addresses, W3W was an ideal solution. Others became interested, so I was initially asked to write an article about how W3W can be used by banks, and then asked to do a formal training program. It is aimed predominantly at banks in developing countries, probably not useful for school-based activities, but if this is of interest to anyone, do tell me.

Sheffield Children's University is creating kids challenges using our app

With the Easter Holidays upon us it's great to see more and more organisations using what3words to create fun games that will keep kids entertained while they're off school for the next couple of weeks. Check out this one from Sheffield Children's University 👇

Have you created a game using what3words? Let us know and comment with your ideas.