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Outdoors fans
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This is a place for lovers of the outdoors - cyclists, hikers, wild swimmers, runners, paddle boarders and more. if you love being in nature and using what3words to do it, this group is for you. Share how you, or members of your club or your outdoor business, are using what3words in the great outdoors.

I can use offline what3words app.
Let’s use together mountain hiking and outdoor activity🥾
Benoit Prunierwhat3words
Senior Social Marketing Manager
Tomorrow is Get Outdoors Day in the US 🥾🌳🗻

what3words can:
- help find the start of a trail or where to meet your hiking friends
- plan routes or find places of interests in the wilderness with apps like OutdoorActive
- lead geocachers to hidden objects
- help campers find their ways around campsite
- help stargazers and other night owls find the best spots to observe the sky

Have you been using what3words to explore the great outdoors recently?
Outdoor Active - great app, which lets you plan routes by using w3w!!