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Ideas & Feedback
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We love hearing what you think of our products, and how you’re using them – it helps us build better features. If you love discussing the ins and outs of tech, this group is for you. It might be the app, online map, e-commerce plugins or anything else – feel free to ask questions and tell us what you think!

Idea ( 1 ) : - Make Snapchat filter showing the location by ///w3w.
" Share the moment & location "

Hospitals are often large, sprawling, complicated buildings with multiple entrances, car parks etc.

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust has started using what3words on their main site on Oxford road, Manchester. (See my seperate post).

It might be an idea to approach NHS England or all NHS Trusts independently.

With your help, they could include w3w addresses on appointment letters etc.

Could be HUGE.