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We love hearing what you think of our products, and how you’re using them – it helps us build better features. If you love discussing the ins and outs of tech, this group is for you. It might be the app, online map, e-commerce plugins or anything else – feel free to ask questions and tell us what you think!

I want to share locations (and links to weed descriptions) with a bushcare group.
The volunteers (esp. new members) would get links to weed descriptions (using NSW WeedWise )
..and a map of the locations using w3w

What should I be looking for?
1. a share button on my Saved locations?
2. a community group?

The attached picture is all I can do for a map of the area we work on.
Sharing all these locations with the other volunteers would be good.

Hey @Ampers Taylor4 
Thanks for flagging this, I've passed this on to our product team and it's definitely something we are considering for the future! 


I'm making this suggestion from a UK centric position, however its relevant globally and would be even more important in regions with less accurate address systems. Currently there are many integrations into the DELIVERY end of the logistics cycle with only Hermes making any effort to build W3W into its systems. (I wont use Hermes after they lost every single shipment we made with them while selecting our logistics partner). The step being overlooked I believe is the collection. Consider commercial premises like factories, warehouses, hotels, resorts, farms. They will all probably have a unique postcode and are easy to... (More)
Maddie Taylor. Any chance of getting a welcome page for this site so new members can introduce themselves to everyone. It helps make people part of the group and make new friends and contacts. Thanks Steve