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Welcome to General Chat 

Not sure which group to post on? This is the place. Stop by to ask questions, share ideas, or anything what3words-related!


Welcome to the General Chat group!

Hi everyone, welcome to general chat. If you've recently joined, this will be your only group, but you can discover and join many more here.

This is a casual space for questions, ideas or anything you'd like to share. You can tag me, Niamh or any other team members directly by using the '@' sign followed by a name in your post.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!

We are seeing the three word addresses more and more at campsites these days....makes finding them very easy .

Hi there @Haven C4 Hmm this is an interesting one as, like you say, being outdoors without big buildings etc. should generally give your device good GPS signal. If you navigate with the compass in what3words, then right down at the bottom of the screen in grey text you should see current GPS accuracy – perhaps have a look at that and see how accurate your device's signal is?

Also just to confirm that the compass direction will be 'as the crow flies' so in a straight line to your destination, rather than following roads or a route – I'm... (More)

Hi, a friend of ours crashed her bike while out riding with our group, she suffered head injuries and was unconscious, we needed an ambulance fast and our location was not an obvious one as this happened on a country road in North Yorkshire,
I phoned 999 but was told they did not use W3W? I had give them an approximate location to go to, next to a junction close by and keep a look out, how crazy is that.
PS keep up the good work your saving lives all over the planet.