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General chat
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Welcome to General Chat 

Not sure which group to post on? This is the place. Stop by to ask questions, share ideas, or anything what3words-related!


Welcome to the General Chat group!

Hi everyone, welcome to general chat. If you've recently joined, this will be your only group, but you can discover and join many more here.

This is a casual space for questions, ideas or anything you'd like to share. You can tag me, Niamh or any other team members directly by using the '@' sign followed by a name in your post.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!

Key points I absolutely LOVE about w3w's: 1. For EV owners, DC fast chargers aren't always the easiest to find, especially in large parking lots, or huge parking garages. That was, until now with w3w! ...WoW! 2. As a motorcyclist, there is no easier way for everyone to meet up at an unmarked location (aka, no address), than using w3w! ...again WoW! 3. Now combine those two, an EV motorcyclist looking for that DC fast charger hidden in the city, ...and SHAZAM! w3w to the rescue!!! This app is amazing, especially for someone like myself; an outdoor enthusiast who loves... (More)
I have just posted the following message on my "What3Worders Australia" Facebook group page:


If you look it up, you'll find it's in Dallas, Texas USA.

Now watch the what3words team's 2021 highlights film. It runs only for 1 min 55 secs but you have to be impressed by how much the company has grown in the past year.

My tip for 2022! I'll bet Google buys W3W to take the place of their stupid "PLUS CODE"
What a hopeless useless concept that is!
W3W have just had a mention on Jeremy Vine radio 2 ....I have been emailing him for years with no result ....nice to be called the fantastic w3w app though.