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Business use
Business use

Businesses around the world are using what3words
These include:

  • Car companies
  • Delivery companies
  • Taxi apps
  • Navigation apps
  • Public infrastructure
  • So much more!

Here we'll share our favourite examples, along with tips and useful materials. 

If you own or work for a business that uses what3words, tell us about it below! 

My home address isn’t in maps, what can I do to change this. Our Tennant next door, is registered but nothing comes up if I type the name of our house, basically the same house, but it’s split into two dwellings now?

Catch what3words on the website 🤜

Having seen our logistics and mobility partners use our tech in different and innovative ways for smoother operations, it’s great to see what3words mentioned on the official UK government website to make traffic management easier  🙌

It’s so exciting to see our community come up with creative and resourceful ways to merge what3words into their craft ✨

Whether you choose a simple what3words keychain, an engraved ring 💍 or even a classic personalised leather journal 📖 there’s a host of fresh ways you can commemorate special locations and support a local business and fellow what3words fan along the way 💪

Check out our refreshed makers page for all things what3words:
A simple way to report electrical breakdowns 🙌

Did you know that Openreach is responsible for 192 million kilometres of network cable, 110,000 green cabinets, and 4.9 million telephone poles across the UK? 👀

Since they've rolled out our tech, callers have increasingly been using what3words to swiftly report exact locations of breakdowns, fallen power lines, vandalism, and other safety concerns which has led to quicker response times and more efficient incident management👷

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