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Business use
Business use

Businesses around the world are using what3words
These include:

  • Car companies
  • Delivery companies
  • Taxi apps
  • Navigation apps
  • Public infrastructure
  • So much more!

Here we'll share our favourite examples, along with tips and useful materials. 

If you own or work for a business that uses what3words, tell us about it below! 

Hi folks! Are there any other archaeologists out there? I’m a huge fan and early investor in w3w, and use the app a lot on our archaeological sites.
I recently retired from a major UK water utility. Working in their electronics maintenance department. A lot of our sites were literally in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes even across several fields, or moors. I wish we had used W3W then it would have been so much easier. Often the name of these places are localised and bear no relationship to their actual location. Also on bigger sites in major works I am sure W3W would be perfect to identify actual items of equipment on a site.
Has W3W ever thought of this as a revenue stream for business?
I've been using w3w personally for a while now, but for the last few months, having realised it's benefits I've also started using it for business purposes. I own an estate agency and we now include a w3w location for all of the properties we sell/let, making it easier for buyers/tenants to find the property. I recent example of how effective this has been is with a particulalry difficult to find address we are selling. A viewer asked us for directions as he couldn't find it on conventional sat nav. I gave him the w3w location. When I met him... (More)